The Beilinson Advisory Group Difference

Financial or operational restructurings today take someone with extensive knowledge with broad expertise. Our advisors have many years of experience spanning many industries coupled with the value added talents of the entrepreneur with cutting edge "deal expertise." Beilinson Advisory Group was founded to provide innovative consulting and/or management services to companies and their various stakeholders, including hedge funds, private equity firms, financial institutions, creditors and shareholders, in order for them to maximize returns and defer or avoid losses. We create runway for the business through a combination of regularly communicating with lenders, improving liquidity through revenue enhancement and cost controls and the bankruptcy process.

Beilinson Advisory Group’s Team is Value Driven

Beilinson Advisory Group seeks to develop and implement plans to stabilize operations, determine capital requirements and lay the foundation to maximize corporate opportunities and obtain the best possible recovery for the various stakeholders. Expectations are defined and communicated so that progress can be measured in real time. Beilinson Advisory Group utilizes this approach in each engagement whether it is asked to serve as interim manager or advisor, manage its restructuring or liquidate a business.

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