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Marc Beilinson Marc Beilinson

Mr. Beilinson is a restructuring advisor, Chief Restructuring Officer, attorney and board member who specializes in situations involving financial, operational and regulatory complexity. Mr. Beilinson is the Managing Partner of Beilinson Advisory Group: a financial restructuring and hospitality advisory group whose focus is assisting distressed companies. He currently serves as a Director and Chairman of the Special Committee of Westinghouse Electric Company, which is in the process of restructuring under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code and as a Director of Athene Annuity (NYSE:ATH). Mr. Beilinson recently successfully completed his roles as the lead Director of Caesars Acquisition Company, Chief Restructuring Officer of Fisker Automotive, Newbury Commons and as Chief Restructuring Officer and COO of The Abbey Companies. Prior thereto, Mr. Beilinson was Chief Restructuring Officer/CEO of Eagle Hospitality and Innkeepers USA, both of which culminated in successful restructurings. During its engagements, Beilinson Advisory Group oversaw the completion of substantial construction projects and engaged in transactions with numerous Asian and European countries.

Mr. Beilinson is currently serving on the Board of Directors and Audit Committees of Westinghouse Electric Company, Athene Annuity, MF Global Assurance Company and Haggen Holdings. He has previously served on the Board of Directors and Audit Committees of a number of public and privately held companies including: Wyndham Int’l, Inc. (AMEX: WBR); Apollo Real Estate Commercial Mortgage Inc. (NYSE: ARI); Caesars Acquisition Company (CACQ); Innkeepers USA; Jameson Hotels; UCI Holdings, Ltd and the University of California Davis School of Law. These Boards and Audit Committees often benefitted from his guidance, which drew upon over 30 years of experience in assisting companies to overcome legal and financial complexities and his knowledge of compliance issues including Sarbanes-Oxley. Mr. Beilinson’s activities in connection with the foregoing have spanned a full range of operational, financial and legal roles.

In 2007, Mr. Beilinson retired from the practice of law. Prior thereto, he was a partner at Pachulski, Stang, Ziehl & Jones, a nationally recognized boutique law firm specializing in corporate reorganization, where he had practiced since 1992. During Mr. Beilinson’s 25 years of practice, he took a lead role in the operational and financial restructuring of nationally recognized consumer, retail and industrial companies such as American Rice, TreeSweet Juice Company, Coco’s restaurants, Carrow’s restaurants, General Cinemas, Loews Cineplex, Wherehouse Entertainment and DirecTV Latin America. Throughout his career Mr. Beilinson has been active in the restructuring of complex commercial and retail real estate portfolios throughout the United States and has also specialized in restructuring retail chains. He was named one of the top 10 young restructuring lawyers in the nation by Turnarounds and Workouts magazine and was annually named as a Super Lawyer by national publications prior to his retirement. Mr. Beilinson has lectured and been published on turnaround issues and served as an Adjunct Professor at Southwestern University School of Law. Mr. Beilinson graduated from UCLA, magna cum laude, where he served as student body President and from UC Davis Law School.

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